Police Capture Prisoners and Issue Names of 16 Still On the Run


PRISON BREAK UPDATE. The Samoa Police Service has published a list of 16 prisoners still on the run tonight as a massive search operation continues into the night.

“We have managed to arrest a few of the prisoners who escaped from prison this evening”, reads the update.

With 29 originally reported by SPS as the number of prisoners unaccounted for, that means 13 may have been captured by police tonight.

SPS says photos will be supplied for the public soon, but publish the names of the following male escaped inmates in the meantime:

1. Isaia Liuafi
2. Luaipou Fidow
3. Hinoma Aukusitino
4. Fagaesea Ropeti
5. Misi Ioasa
6. Sofi Uale
7. Titi Totini
8. Simanua Manuele
9. Visesio Aso
10. Pauna Kalolo
11. Vailili See
12. Lupe Lelevaga
13. Mathew Solo
14. Francis Heather
15. Silao Faaleleiga
16. Daniel Vailopa

“We thank all of Samoa for your support and all the information relay to police as we work to capture these escaped prisoners”.

The prisoners are believed to have escaped from Room 1 by pushing their way out when a prison guard came to open the cell.

Samoa Global News has been informed that surgeons are operating on one prisoner who was shot by police during the chase. The Public Health issued an urgent notice for donors of O positive blood type at 11:02pm.

“Urgently in Need of Blood Type O Positive for critical patient!!! Please come into Laboratory (TTM Hospital, Motootua) or call in first Laboratory ph:66653)”

Two prison guards, one man and a woman have also been hospitalised this evening. The woman was in stable condition while the male prison guard suffered severe head injuries from being struck by a hurling rock.