Police Confiscate Hundreds of Marijuana Plants in Afulilo Drug Bust, Two Youth Arrested

File Photo: Police return from drug bust and invite media to view what was confiscated.

From the files of #FaaSamoa. Two young men were arrested in a police drug bust at Afulilo on Friday last week.

In a press conference with media this week, Deputy Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti said two young men, aged 16 and 22 years were arrested and charged with possession of drugs.

The pair are first offenders, and had been on the premises when police raided the site and confiscated marijuana plants, said Papalii.

“Police confiscated 353 marijuana plants, and 91 branches, as well as seedlings,” said the Deputy Commissioner.

A 12 gauge rifle was also found on the premises.

According to Papalii, there was no cash found on site, unlike other drug raids in the past, where different amounts of cash has been found on site.

The usual practice of Police transparently displaying the drugs, weapons and any cash confiscated from a drug bust, was not available to media for this raid.

The two young men are in police custody awaiting a Court mention later this month.