Police Confirm Less Serious Crimes Since Liquor Board Stopped Locally Produced Vodka

Faafetaia e le Sui Komesina o Leoleo ma Falepuipui le Komiti e Pulea Ava Malosi, e Taitaifono ai le Sui Palemia o Samoa Hon Tuala Tevaga Ponifasio


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The Samoa Police can confirm a decrease in serious alcohol related crimes since the decision by the Alcohol Control Board to close down locally produced hard liquor.

Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti told local media the number of serious alcohol-related crimes such as assault, manslaughter and murder have definitely decreased since cheap and unlabelled products have been taken off the shelves.

O nisi o fagu malosi ua le toe faatagaina i totonu o Samoa.
A lineup of locally made vodka that used to line the shelves of local stores. 

“Those products with no proper labeling of contents and no declaration of alcohol percentage were always found on site and at crime scenes,” said Papalii.

“We are thankful for the foresight and commend the Alcohol Control Board for taking that bold decision,” added Papalii.

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Earlier this year in April, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Customs & Revenue Hon Tuala Tevaga Ponifasio said locally produced vodka was found to have contained high levels of methanol which could have grave circumstances for consumers.

He said when samples were tested by Samoa’s Scientific Research Oganisation (SROS) – locally produced vodka samples were found to have contained dangerously high levels of methanol.

“The percentage of methanol found are at a level that raises concerns, and will surely have an impact on the health of consumers,” said Tuala.

“That is why we have many criminal cases where, the next morning, people are saying, I don’t remember what happened last night..”

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“With the exception of Taula and Vailima who have their own labs and adhere with international standards of processing, all other manufacturers failed to comply with many areas of minimum standards imposed,” he clarified.

Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii had also referred to Taula beer being this year’s popular choice for consumers.