Police Arrest 5 from Marijuana Bust at Savalalo Fish Market


Police made 5 arrests after a search for illicit drugs at the Fish Market, Savalalo on Friday afternoon.

All five men have been charged with possession of narcotics. The men range in ages from 23 to 47 year old.

A. An SPPCS press statement says the men have the following descriptions;

😌40 years of Vailele and Lefagaoalii

🙄23 years of Lepea

😕47 years of Salelavalu

😯44 years of Vaiusu

🥴24 years of Manono

All five have been remanded in custody until the 9th April for court mention.

Also from the Ministry of Police, a murder trial where two brothers faced murder for a 2019 incident will not be moving forward. The two defendants have changed their pleas from not guilty to accepting the charge of manslaughter.

The  brothers are now scheduled for sentencing at the end of this month.