Police Arrest and Charge RSA Bouncer with Attempted Murder after Viscious Assault on Club Goer


A 48 year old man from Samalaeulu and Fusi is fighting for his life at Motootua National Hospital after being beaten by a nightclub security bouncer.

Samoa Police have arrested and charged Andrew Samuelu from Vaiusu for assaulting the club goer and leaving him for dead.

According to Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo, the accused was a bouncer or security guard for the popular RSA night club. Auapaau said the security guard is still in police custody and will remain so until his first appearance in Court.

“He faces four charges,” said the Police Commissioner.

“Attempted murder, with lesser alternatives of assault, grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm.”

Radio Polynesia reports that a taxi driver who witnessed the beating had taken the injured man to the hospital. The incident happened two weeks ago according to Police.

A family member of the victim told Radio Polynesia that her cousin suffered head injuries and is lucky to be alive.

“My cousin bled from his brain, according to the physician. He was intoxicated when the incident occurred and that meant, he was unable to stand against his attacker, because his view and decision-making were impaired.”

“There should be more stringent policies for people working as securities at the night clubs, so they don’t take advantage of people who are intoxicated.”

PC Auapaau said the accused is due to appear in Court on the 20th of March 2023.