Peace Corps Samoa Welcome First Volunteer Trainees since the 2020 Global Lockdowns


On Tuesday, February 14, Peace Corps Samoa welcomed its first Volunteer trainees since the 2020 Global Evacuation due to COVID 19.

The six trainees (with one arriving soon), who arrived in Samoa on Monday, were welcomed with a traditional ava ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture (MESC).

Peace Corps Volunteers in Samoa work at the invitation of MESC to support English literacy in primary schools throughout the country.

The ava ceremony was attended by the Honorable Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Honorable Seuula Ioane as well as the United States Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, Ambassador Tom Udall, and the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission, Noriko Horiuchi.

MESC CEO Aeau Chris Hazelman, taupou paluava, Hon Minister Seuula Ioane Tuā’au.

President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961. Peace Corps is about promoting world peace and friendship around the world, about building relationships and opportunity, and strengthening bonds among nations.

From the onset, Peace Corps was the aspiration of visionaries who saw how the efforts of individual people who work together to build cultural bridges and understanding could become a powerful instrument for “world Peace through friendship”.

Head on down to Le Well at Savalalo.

Since its establishment, over 240,000 Americans have served in 142 countries around the world.

The Samoan government invited Peace Corps Volunteers to Samoa in October of 1967, nearly 56 years ago. Since then more than 2,000 Volunteers have served in Samoa, living and working alongside their partners to catalyze positive change.

This immersion in the culture and the grassroots approach to development have been essential for the success of the volunteer projects over the years. The energy, enthusiasm, and passion with which Volunteers come to service are the cornerstones of these transformational experiences.

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“With Peace Corps volunteers back in Samoa, I look forward to always strengthening the incredible partnership between the United States and Samoa,” said Ambassador Udall.

Peace Corps’ Country Director Gini Wilderson says, “Peace Corp’s biggest factor for success is our partnership with local communities, especially the local primary schools and communities who have graciously embraced hosting and working with the Volunteers..

“Working to accomplish peace and friendship is a lofty mission, and I am now reminded of the words of wisdom shared by the first Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver when he was asked “how do we practice peace?”

He simply said: “Caring for others is the practice of peace.”