Palauli No1 District Launches Official Website Under $1Million Tala Project


The Member of Parliament for Palauli 1 and Minister of Finance, Hon. Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molio’o delivered the keynote speech at the launching of the Palauli 1 district website on Friday 7 July 2023 at the Palauli 1 College Hall at Salailua, Savaii.

The ceremony started with the National Anthem and raising of the flag by the students of Palauli 1 College. The event was well attended by members of the clergy, district council, villages, students, parents and representatives of each project beneficiary through the Palaluli 1 District Development Plan.

The website ( is one of the major developments of the district under Key Priority Area 20 (innovative information, communicaton and technology use) of its District Development Plan.  It contains information about the district; projects completed and those in progress; funds utilised as well as information about the District Council and its Staff.

Designed by Kaio Tech and hosted by Urban Tech, the Hon. Member of Parliament and Minister of Finance was proud to announce that Palauli 1 district was the first of all 51 districts involved in the 1Million Tala Project to have achieved such a feat.  According to the Hon. Minister, “communicating what Palauli 1 district and its villages have achieved through its District Development Plan to all of Samoa, our district people around the world, our development partners and various stakeholders is crucial hence the creation of the website”

The Hon. Minister also used the opportunity to stress the importance of the inclusiveness of the 1Million Tala Project and how “everyone counts” is a high priority of the government.

She encouraged all in the district to utilise the Palauli 1 District Council Office.

Following the website launch, the district council dispersed agricultural tools and equipment to those who had applied for assistance through the District Development Plan.