Paikea Traditional Voyaging Canoe and Crew Return to Cook Islands

    Image: Cook Islands News

    The Cook Islands Voyaging canoe Paikea is departing this morning, Friday 7th July on its return journey to the Cook Islands, after a successful completion of the Guardians Savai’i program, for Samoa Voyaging Society (SVS) or Aiga Folau.

    Paikea returns with nine crew including Skipper PWO Master Navigator, Capt Peia Patai, one of Te Puna Marama Voyaging Foundation’s founder and Trustees.

    Image: Cook Islands News

    Three crew from Samoa, with one from Hawaii, and five from the Cook Islands will be on the return sail of the vaa folau. The Gaualofa Captain, Karl Steffany and President of SVS Aiga Folau, Susuga Memea Lyvia Black are sailing on the return journey of Paikea to the Cook Islands.

    According to the President of Samoa Voyaging Society SVS Aiga Folau Memea Lyvia Black said the sail is expected to take approximately ten days.

    ” SVS Aiga Folau is grateful for Te Puna Marama Voyaging Foundation of the Cook Islands, for it’s prompt support in providing their Voyaging canoe Paikea, for SVS to deliver the Guardians Savai’i program, in June.”, acknowledges Memea Lyvia Black.

    “A Voyaging canoe, you must have a crew on the “foe” twenty four hours a day until you arrive at your destination.”

    SVS Aiga Folau encourage our people, especially the youth to be involved in learning about this incredible ancestral traditional knowledge in voyaging navigation. “O se tasi lea o se measina a Samoa.” “O folauga, sa tagataina ai Samoa.” , emphasized Memea.

    President Memea Lyvia Black also wish to acknowledge the many entities that have assisted SVS Aiga Folau to host the va’a folau Paikea here. Thank you especially to Samoa Ports Authority, Samoa Immigration, SIGFA Clubhouse, Apia Yacht Club, Apia Marina Berthage Management, Transam Samoa and management, Conservation International Samoa, and NZ MFAT.

    “We also wish to acknowledge the kind impromptu donation by TAULA Beverages for Paikea’s return sail of Samoa’s cans of the popular TAXI sodas.”

    “This is such a treat for us when you’re sailing for days in the hot sun, to have a nice Samoan can of Taxi’s Lemonade or Cola at the end of one’s watch – oooohhh delicious – it truly becomes such sweet moments of savoring goodness”, the Paikea crew admitted with laughter.

    The Guardians program is an experiential educational outreach program for schools, this time, around Savai’i. It is a Conservation International led, multi partnership program involving Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and MNRE with SVS.

    The Guardians Savai’i program is funded by New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Manaaki Project.