PacificAus Delivers Quality Australian TV to Samoa



Avid television viewers from around Samoa are enjoying access to more premium Australian television content through the PacificAus TV initiative funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Free TV Australia.

Free TV Australia was selected to work with Australian commercial free-to-air television networks to supply quality Australian content, free of charge, to Pacific partner broadcasters.

Australian television programs such as 60 minutes, MasterChef, Brain Buzz, 800 Words and Scope can be viewed on either TV1, EFKS TV2 or TV3. Sports also available include A-League Football and Super Netball. 

The Australian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Sara Moriarty, said the agreement builds on a range of initiatives under Australia’s Pacific Step-up, strengthening links between Australia and Samoa:

“The sharing of cultural ties and strengthening of personal connections between Australia and Samoa is at the heart of the PacificAus TV initiative,” 

“I am pleased that Samoa will be joining its Pacific neighbours of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Tonga and Nauru to receive Australian programs,”

“Three free to air broadcasters—TV1, EFKS TV2 and TV3—have expressed a strong level of interest in different PacificAus TV programs on offer, and each will be able to individually broadcast content according to their programming strategies, interests and audiences,” Ms Moriarty said.

Aotearoa Pesamino, General Manager at Apia Broadcasting Ltd TV3, highlighted the quality and variety of content supplied saying: “we are very thankful for the allowance of premium shows offered to us by Free TV Australia.“ 

“We are able to give our viewers a more rounded variety of shows, such as educational program Brain Buzz for our young viewers, or for anyone that loves a good cooking show by showing Master Chef Australia and hard hitting news 60 Minutes Australia.”

“We appreciate the partnership initiated by the Australian High Commission to further strengthen the quality of shows, complementing our locally produced content.” 

Galumalemana from TV1 extended gratitude to the Australian Government’s initative by saying: “we are very excited about the content and appreciate it very much. The programmes are in all genres of investigative journalism, drama and soaps that are informative, educational and entertaining as well. Thanks to the Australian Government for facilitating the initiative.”

TV2 Spokesperson Leefu Pule is making the most of the opportunity by commenting: “TV2 is using this golden opportunity with PacificAus TV to add a variety of programs to our current selection of local and overseas based programs. Although it is in its early stages, we have seen good quality programming and hope that it will develop further into a beneficial project.”

The PacificAus TV initiative will make the broadcast rights to 1,000 hours of Australian television content available to broadcast partners in Pacific nations each year for three years. 

Content availability is based on consultation between Free TV Australia and Pacific broadcasters, to ensure that Australian content best meets the audience needs and other country-specific requirements of partner broadcasters. 

The initiative is worth AUD17.1 million over three years. Find out more about PacificAus TV here: