Pacific Ezy Money Transfer Donates $10,000 to assist with Samoa Measles Epidemic

Pacific Ezy Money Transfer yesterday made a $10,000 tala donation to the Disaster Advisory Committee (DAC) to assist with Government’s efforts to combat the measles epidemic that has claimed the lives of 71 people, mostly children under the age of four.
Pacific Ezy General Manager Jeff Mahoney and the management team of the money transfer operator presented their assistance to the Chairman of the DAC, Ulu Bismarck Crawley at the National Emergency Operation Center (N.E.O.C.) in Apia.
As a money transfer operator facilitating remittances to and from Samoa on a daily basis, Mahoney said it was important for Pacificezy to offer their support at this time.
“The community supports us every week, so we just want to make sure that we help out during this time of need.”
Mr. Mahoney said that remittances continue to come in steadily as families overseas send help for those affected.
“We had extended opening hours during the weekend after the two day shut down to make sure people were able to access their funds.”
The DAC Chairman expressed his gratitude to the local business communtiy for their heart to give at this time.
MNRE CEO and Chair of DAC, Ulu Bismarck Crawley.

In addition to an overwhelming level of support from overseas, Ulu said that each day there are at least two or three donations from businesses, churches, civil society groups and individuals here in Samoa.

“Government is not taking these donations and the help provided lightly”.

He estimated monetary and in-kind donations  from the local community in Samoa to be  around $300,000 tala to date.

“All these items and monetary help coming in are rationed by the Center to the hospital, especially the wards with the sick children.

“We receive a mixture of monetary support and funding and also basic supplies including food and clothing”.

Management team of PacificEzy money transfer at NEOC headquarters.

Maina Vai