Opening of Car-Park Area at Eleele-Fou


06 June 2019, Apia Samoa. Statement from the Waterfront Development Project Committee.

The Waterfront Project is pleased to announce the opening of the car park area at Eleele-fou tomorrow, Friday 7th June 2019 for public use.

Please note the flow of traffic in the new parking area as described below and as indicated on the map.

– There are two Entry/Exit points at the car park area. One is directly in front of the Central Bank of Samoa (CBS) Building and the other is located further east and near the edge of the green space/lawn.
–  Vehicles entering and exiting the car park shall give way to the approaching vehicles.
–  No right turn when entering the car park through the access in front of the CBS building.
–  No right turn into the first aisle when entering the car park area through the eastern access.

The Public is also advised that the Project is completing some minor works around the car park area, therefore please approach the parking area at reduced speed and keep an eye out for the workers in the area.

Please also avoid walking through the garden beds but keep to the footpaths so as to allow our new plants to grow.

We thank you for your patience and continuous support while undertaking this project for the development of our small city.

We are a few steps away from fully opening the Event Space to the public. We are looking forward to it and we hope you are too.

Thank you
Apia Waterfront Development Project