Official Winners of Bluesky 25th Anniversary 4th of July Regatta Announced


The official winners of the Bluesky 25th Anniversary 4th of July Regatta in American Samoa have been announced after the organisers had to review drone footage following a number of issues that arose during the race.

“After much deliberation and discussions by the Fautasi Committee Members and Captains, the official results are in!”

The crew of Manu’atele Matāsaua who had finished second on race day has been announced the winner and rewarded the winning US$10,000 prize money.

✅️1st Place: Manu’atele Matāsaua
✅️ 2nd Place: PagoPago Aeto
✅️ 3rd Place: Ili’ili Lupelele
✅️4th Place: Fagatogo Iseula

Eight fautasi long boats competed in American Samoa’s second race of the year with the ninth boat unable to compete due to an accident during their last training run the day before that broke the fautasi in two.

The race was held in difficult weather conditions for both captains and crews, and was delayed by 30 minutes at the start as boats tried to maintain positions behind the starting line.

With severe weather conditions, one boat took on water, one capsized and two of the fautasi had their oars entangle, causing crew tempers to flare during the race.

In a release on social media, Bluesky say the decisions were not taken lightly, and thanked the crew captains for trusting the process that arrived at the final results..

“We ensured that all rules put forth ahead of time were transparent, understood, and followed..”

“These rules were enforced to determine a fair race for each village and their fautasis, to arrive at the OFFICIAL placements.”

Organisers say there was “overwhelming evidence,” that the remaining fautasis did not adhere to the rules of our starting line.”

The Committee still, however, awarded each fautasi a consolation prize.

“Congratulations to our consolation prize winners:

✅️ Nu’uuli Manulele Tausala 1
✅ Nu’uuli️ Manulele Tausala 2
✅️ Fagasā Fealofani Samoa
✅️ Aua Paepaeulupo’o

“Our heartfelt wishes and prayers are with Vatia Fuaō fautasi, as they were unable to race due to an unforseen accident the day prior to the race.”

Now available at SOS Togafuafua or Salelologa branches.

Bluesky American Samoa thanked all participating fautasis and their respective captains for their support and ability to arrive at amicable solutions..

“Thank you for trusting  and standing by us through our decision making process.”

Bluesky acknowledged the supoort of the country in hosting the much loved fautasi race in celebration of July 4th.

“There you go, Amerika Samoa!! Thank you all for participating and celebrating our birthday with us, and most importantly, thank YOU for allowing us to serve you.”