Official Launching of New Society of Agricultural Professionals (SOAP)


Similar to other existing societies in Samoa, SOAP will provide technical advice to Agriculture in Samoa, and be used as a platform for knowledge sharing and to enhance professional/career development in the agricultural field.

Providing Technical advice to Agriculture in Samoa seems to rely on Government ministries and institutions such as USP and NUS. However, some aspects of the agricultural field needs to further embrace and tap into specific knowledge held by Samoan agriculturists.

These traits in the agriculture sector are abundant and available locally and this provides the opportunities for local experts to contribute to the development of Agriculture in Samoa.

Another key objective of SOAP is to provide more opportunities for donor partners to engage local agricultural experts to provide assistance, guidance and advice to Agriculture.

The society will start small by calling all Agriculture Graduates to register with $100 ($50 Annual subs and $50 Registration).

The society will have a governance structure similar to other professional bodies, headed by its President, Secretary and Treasure.

The executive will comprise 6 members being President and Vice, Secretary and Vice, Treasurer and Vice. It will also have 2 Patrons.