NZ Quota: 1650 Individuals included in 697 Applications Listed


The long awaited ballot results for the 2022 Samoa Quota were published on the New Zealand Immigration website this past Monday 12 December, with 697 numbers listed.

Check the successful registration numbers for the 2022 Samoan Quota.

“If your number is listed we will contact you with information about how to apply for residence in New Zealand,” states the instructions on the website.

There was confusion amongst those waiting eagerly to see if their numbers had been drawn because the list only had 697 numbers.

As explained by New Zealand Immigration..

“A total of 1650 people were successful in the ballot. This number includes anybody who was in someone’s successful registration.”

The clarification is that 1650 individuals would be invited to apply. This includes spouses and children of main applicant.

The other key misconception is that 1650 individuals will actually arrive in New Zealand to live under the Quota each year.

Some individuals may not find adequate employment to support themselves and their families.

One of the conditions of entry as outlined by NZ Immigration is that, “You or your partner must have a job offer that pays enough to support you and your family in New Zealand.”

This means 1650 individuals will be invited to apply for NZ residence. However they must not be a burden on New Zealand and both husband and wife in the case of families, must both secured employment before they are able to migrate.

The requirements to be fulfilled by potential employers in New Zealand, are said to be very stringent.

One Pacific Island Cafe owner in Auckland who had tried to help out by offering a job to an individual whose number had been drawn, told SGN that she has since avoided hiring anyone else from the Samoa Quota.

“They wanted very detailed information about out our business, even our financial statements, bank records, auditors reports,” she shared. “We felt like we were under scrutiny, so we won’t be doing that again.”

If your registration number is not listed

“If your registration number is not on the official lists, this means your number was not drawn, and you cannot apply for New Zealand residence under the 2022 Samoan Quota..

“New Zealand Immigration advises that they would be contact you about how to apply for residence.”

The full list can be accessed here.