NZ Customs assist Samoa to Improve Border Security Capacities


Continuous collaboration between NZ Customs Services and the Samoa MCR was emphasized through a donation of tools and equipment to further assist the Ministry in achieving its organisational Vision of “Working together for a secure and prosperous Samoa”.

A ceremony was held at the Ministry of Customs and Revenue’s Conference Room on Friday 21st of February 2020 to officially handover tools and equipment to further assist Samoa’s Customs in protecting our International Borders.

His Excellency, Dr. Trevor Matheson highlighted in his speech the ongoing relationship between Samoa and New Zealand, recognizing the shared interests between New Zealand and Samoa in securing our international borders.

It was also noted that the assistance was not only through tools and equipment donated but also through strong collaboration and knowledge sharing through the Pacific Leaders Programme.

Honourable Minister, Tialavea Tionisio Hunt in his speech thanks the New Zealand Government on behalf of the government of Samoa and emphasised, when reeving the tools and equipment, the importance these make in our enforcement efforts in the protection of our international borders. Staff of the Ministry were also urged and reminded them on the effective utilisation of these tools and equipment for the benefit of safety and security of the people of Samoa from illicit goods and organised criminal activities.

On that note, technical assistance through capacity building and advisory missions also provided by New Zealand Customs under the Five Year In-Country Training Programme was also commended due to its positive and effective impacts on protecting Samoa’s International Borders.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreigh Affairs and Trade through the New Zealand Customs intends to continue its full support and assistance to the Ministry of Customs and Revenue as part of collaborative efforts and continuing partnership between the two Organisations.

Ministry of Customs and Revenue signs MOU with Pacific Canine Program and Ministry of Police.

The Samoa Ministry of Customs and Revenue (MCR) has through the years benefited from the technical and financial assistance from the Pacific K9 Program. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Friday 21st February 2020 by the CEO of Ministry of Customs & Revenue and PCP Inspector in the presence of the representatives from the New Zealand High Commission office in Apia and Pacific K9 office that is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

With the growing number in seizures of illicit drugs and paraphanelia made within our country as well as at our borders, it is important that the Samoa’s Joint Canine Unit is proactive and stands ready to tackle this challenge. The readiness and the high quality of our resources can be achieved through continuous improvement of its capacity and capability.

Thus, the MoU sets forth a number of additional assistance on the technical and capacity building space to be rendered in the next three years in which the Joint Canine unit officers will continue to be a beneficiary. One of the important aspect of this agreement is the review of performance of our Canine and officers from the two Ministries who have been deployed as handlers. It provides a platform of assessment of each officer’s performances to enable improvements.

Through MCR and the Ministry of Police, the government of Samoa conveyed utmost appreciation to the government of New Zealand for the work and assistance rendered through the work of the Pacific Canine Office.

Caption: CEO, MCR – Matafeo Avalisa Viali Fautuaalii, Insp. Todd Southall of the Pacific Canine Program (PCP) and Ms. Ella Risati of the NZ High Commission