NUS Welding Students Restore Rusted Manholes to Ensure Safety of Pedestrians


Pedestrians walking along the seawall at the back of the newly opened Friendship Park and playgrounds would have noticed the rusty manholes, so damaged that an adult foot or a small child could easily have fallen through.

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The NUS Vice Chancellor  Professor Aiono is said to have taken that walk with his friends and recognised the hazard that could cause serious injury to pedestrians especially small children who could slip through and end up in the ocean.

“The sump condition was extremely rusty and corroded as a result of seawater exposure, which caused metal reaction and destroyed the sump steel frame…

“In fact, the function of the steel frame sump was designed to collect groundwater that seeps through the basement wall and foundations during the rainy seasons” reads a statement from NUS.

To resolve the problem, the NUS Vice Chancellor requested the help and expert advice of the Dean of FOTE – Faculty of Technical Education.

The Dean of FOTE – Lineta Tamanikaiyaroi mobilised the Fabrication Engineering Team and provided a quick solution to ensure pedestrian safety while making it a learning experience for students.

NUS FOTE Welding students and lecturers.

Welding students at NUS currently pursuing a Samoa Certificate II in Welding and Fabrication designed, welded, and installed covers for two manholes along the waterfront of the Friendship Park at Matagaialalua.

The NUS Vice Chancellor commend the effort by students and faculty staff; Tuasivi Kaleopa, Papu Taiivao and Leiataua Setefano Paulo.

“They have worked tirelessly and diligently to put these projects into action and broaden the practical understanding of our students on becoming the best Welders for Samoa in the future”.