NOLA Members Graduate from Employability Program of APTC

The Nuanua o le Alofa (NOLA), Disability Advocacy Organisation in Samoa has partnered up with the Australia Pacific Training Coalition APTC to develop and deliver an employability program to improve the chances of persons with disabilities to access meaningful employment pathways. NOLA is this week celebrating the achievement of members with disabilities graduating from the programme.
The graduation ceremony was held on Tuesday 17 May 2022. “We want to take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates and dedicated trainers for this wonderful accomplishment,” said NOLA President Milo Lama.
“Meaningfully inclusive and accessible educational pathways are so important to the empowerment of persons with disabilities, and we are incredibly thankful for the partnership between NOLA and APTC.”
“There are far too many people to individually acknowledge for their work in ensuring the success of this program, but to the development partners, management and logistics teams, trainers, employers and families who supported the participants in this initiative, thank you. Moments like these remind us why we all do what we do.”