Nofotane Women Showcase their Products on International Museum Day


    The Empowered Nofotane Women, an integral concept to the Samoa Victim Support Group’s prevention program on violence against women, was invited by the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture Samoa (MESC) to join in the commemoration of International Museum Day

    The women utilizes an invitation from the MESC to showcase their remarkable products, as well as share their inspiring journey of empowerment.

    During the event, the attendees, from students to the working community, had the privilege of witnessing the display and sale of meticulously crafted products, all created by the talented, dedicated, and hardworking Nofotane Women.

    From handwoven textiles to intricately handmade items, the craftsmanship and beauty of these products left many in awe.

    One of the Nofotane workers expressed her gratitude, stating, “It was such an honor and a privilege to be part of this celebration of art and culture. We were able to display and sell the products of our hard-working Nofotane.

    We were asked quite a few times today, ‘Who are the Nofotane Group?’ or ‘What is the Nofotane Project?’ and we stood proud and informed the public that the Nofotane Group is a family of women survivors of violence; it is a network of entreneurships who are now breadwinners in their families.

    Since 2016, SVSG had taken on the economic empowerment of women, as an approach to addressing violence against women. It was a very bold, but practical approach given the rise of the empowered nofotane women now, to support themselves and their families.

    According to the SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang “The empowered nofotane women are simply heroes, because they have not only created handmade products for a living, but most importantly, they have woven their stories of hardships and perseverance onto the products they have created.

    The Nofotane Group represents a collective of women who have overcome adversities and emerged stronger. Through their creativity and resilience, they have transformed their lives and the lives of their families.

    By supporting and purchasing their handcrafted products, the community has the opportunity to contribute to their ongoing empowerment.

    “SVSG extends its sincere appreciation to the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture Samoa for providing this platform to celebrate art, culture, and the remarkable achievements of the Nofotane Women. Their participation in International Museum Day underscores the importance of recognizing and valuing the contributions of marginalized women in the society of Samoa.” Siliniu Lina Chang