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No Road Fatalities – Police Road Blocks a Success

No Road Fatalities – Police Road Blocks a Success

10 Jan 2019, Apia Samoa. Samoa Police have publicised the statistics for incidents during the festive season defined as the period from 21 Dec 2018 – 03 Jan 2019.

Samoa Police Services responded to a record 873 incidents – 16% more than incidents for the same period last year.  Of those incidents, our police had made 141 arrests – which is a reported 34% more than last year.

The Courts, due to open for business on Monday 14 January, will be faced with an influx of cases from the record number of arrests made by Samoa Police this year.

Out of the 141 arrests, more than half (53%) were traffic related.  46 people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and 29 people were arrested for careless driving.

Police road blocks were seen not only at night time after nightclubs closed but also across the country during the popular family picnic days. The fact that Samoa recorded no fatalities as a result of traffic incidents during the festive season is an indicator of the success of police blocks this recent holiday season.

Road blocks resulted in record number of traffic related arrests

“The 46 arrests for DUI is an increase of 119% compared to this time last year while the 29 arrests for careless driving is an increase of 61% compared to last year”.

Police Officers at work during festive period




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