No Change to Samoa Election Results from Salega


The special votes count of Salega 1 has posed no change to the result with Fepuleai Faasavalu Faimata Su’a of FAST still infront.

After 40 special votes were counted, the new totals were recorded by scrutineers as;

FAST Fepuleai Faasavalu Faimata Su’a = 381

HRPP Toomata Aki Tuipea = 375

TAUTUA Afualo Dr Wood Salele = 373

Of the 40 special votes, Afualo polled 14, Toomata 14 and Fepuleai 7. HRPP were able to narrow the gap but not enough to topple the FAST party candidate. There were 5 informal votes.

Tautua Samoa party leader Afualo Dr Wood Salele ended up just 8 votes away from Fepuleai and 2 away from Toomata who closes at 6 behind the winner.

The seat was closely contested by three parties. FAST maintains the lead and the even 25-25 with HRPP.

Final official results are expected to be announced later this evening.