No Cash Motor Club Bring Holloween Cheer to Children of SVSG

No Cash club members and their children visit Mama Lina and the Campus of Hope.

31 October 2020, Apia Samoa. Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) President Siliniu Lina Chang and the children at the Campus of Hope celebrated Holloween with the No Cash motor club this morning in a program of dress-up, dance-off and singing.

Close to 30 members of the No Cash club visited the Campus of Hope, taking some of their own children along, to perform items.

No Cash members’ kids performing items for the children at SVSG.

Speaking on behalf of the club, Maanaima Faimalo Scanlan said they saw Holloween celebrations and promotions being publicised and they thought it would be good to visit and celebrate it with the children at SVSG. Club members dressed up and took ice cream, cup cakes, lollies, balloons and a cash donation of $1,000 tala.

One of the SVSG girls is cheered on as she gets up to join the No Cash kid’s item.

“We are so blessed to be here. We brought our own children today to perform some items for the kids, but it looks like we have been out-danced by the young kids here”, he said smiling.

Spokesman Maanaima Scanlan (in yellow).

“We have been touched by the dancing and beautiful singing of the children..

“We see their brave faces and we think how lucky our own children are, compared to what they have gone through.. and we come here today to show our love and support”, said Scanlan.

The children of SVSG burst into laughter as the No Cash club members bust their dancing moves to entertain them.

No Cash President Albert Toomata said, “We have laughed, we have cried, and we go away with a new perspective of the SVSG and the important work that they do here to protect our children”.

Club Vice President Sului Fata says he is in awe of the work that President Siliniu and her team are doing with the kids. He adds that their next visit will be an afternoon of BBQ and games for the children.

Club Treasurer and hair stylist for his father Brian’s Barber Shop, Ivan Roebeck says next time, they will set up and offer hair cuts for the children.

Siliniu Lina Chang (Mama Lina) and members of No Cash.

SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang thanked the President, Vice President and members of No Cash for taking the time to visit and bring much needed financial assistance to help with the everyday care of the children.

Members dancing for the kids.

“We have never celebrated Holloween before and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts;

“The children have really enjoyed themselves”.

The SVSG Campus of Hope is home and refuge to close to 100 children who have been physically and sexually abused, mostly within their own homes by people known to them.

Over 30 No Cash club members visited the Campus of Hope for Holloween.

Many young girls, rape victims as young as 12 years old, have given birth during their stay on campus, and SVSG continues to care for the babies.

As a not-for-profit organisation Siliniu Lina Chang says one of the biggest challenges is to pay for full time carers for the children, especially the babies on campus.

“Their mothers are children themselves, and we can’t always rely on volunteers when it comes to providing proper care for the many babies born here on campus, as well as the children with disabilities; they need specialised care.”

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