No Cash Car Club Start 2022 Community Service Work with Mapuifagalele Home for the Elderly


The No Cash car club, known for their community work for the vulnerable have kicked started their 2022 programme of gift-giving with the elderly at Mapuifagalele.


O meaalofa ma le seleni $1000 tala na fesoasoani atu ai le No Cash i Mapuifagalele.

The No Cash Car crew took food, essential items for the elderly and a cash donation of $1000 tala to the Sisters of the Poor, who overlook the home that cares for the elderly in Samoa.

Club President Mautofu Mamona said Mapuifagalele is their first stop for 2022, and as in past years, the club will identify vulnerable groups and individuals in need, to offer their assistance to.

“We are grateful to our partners and supporters who make it possible for No Cash to help the elderly here at Mapuifagalele. This is about the fifth time we’ve been able to visit and bring our donation and also just spend time with the elderly here,” said the President.

Sister Maria Frances Pale spoke on behalf of the residents of Mapuifagalele to convey their heartfelt thanks to the club.  “This is not the first time you’ve come to visit us, and we are very thankful for yoir giving hearts,” she said. “May God continue to bless each and every one of you, as well as your children and your families,” said Sr Maria.

The No Cash Car Club was established in 2019, founded by gold medalist boxer, Hugo Fata and others who had a common interest in cars. The focus of the club, according to Hugo, is to not only share their interest in cars, but work together as a club on community projects that will help the vulnerable. “We also try to set standards for all our members especially the younger ones”.

File photo: No Cash at SVSG to visit the children and bring ice cream and gifts.

Two years ago the club partnered with SVSG, offering their services to Siliniu Lina Chang, to call on them anytime she needed transport or help with security. No Cash have visited the shelter for abused children on numerous occasions, targeting days such as Halloween, White Sunday and Christmas to bring cheer to the children.

Last year No Cash visited the Loto Taumafai School with the Laumua o Tumua band who set up in the school hall to entertain the children.

Children danced to the band, who entertained for 2 hours.

The No Cash Car crew are the inspiration behind the song that has gone viral across Tik Tokers in the Pacific and the world.