Nine Suspected Cases in Samoa Await COVID-19 Results



The latest update on Samoa’s suspected cases  issued by Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr Sailele Malielegaoi confirms that as of 6pm 27 March 2020 there are 9 cases for Samoa currently awaiting results for COVID-19.

The last number of suspected cases was announced by Health Director General Leausa Take Naseri on the 25th of March as 6 – whereby 4 tests were despatched to New Zealand and 2 were being stored awaiting test kits from donors.

The update means a further three have been added in the past two days.

The Prime Minister said Samoa’s suspected cases were precautionary measures taken for anyone with fever and flu-like symptoms with recent travel history.

As announced by the Ministry of Health, “We are undertaking active surveillance to detect cases of COVID-19 in Samoa early. We will update the public regularly on the number of people meeting the criteria for COVID-19 testing and their test results”.


Ua faailoa e le Alii Palemia i lana polokalame fai pea logoina ai le mamalu o le atunuu, o loo iai le toaiva o i latou o loo faaalia auga o le faamai o le COVID19 i le taimi nei ma o loo mataitu lelei iai le vaavaaiga a le Matagaluega e le gata i le falemai ae o tua foi i aiga.

“Ia o lea la ua maua mai nei o loo iai le isi toaiva o loo totoe, o loo maua lava ma avatu i le falema’i e mataitū e fomai, a’o le to’atele lava o i latou fo’i sa masalomia ua clear, ma o se agaga fiafia lena.”

Na ta’ua e le Alii Palemia Susuga Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, e le o faatamala lava le vaai a alii fomai i le taimi nei, ae maise ia i latou o loo malaga mai Niu Sila.


As of March 26, 2020, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Samoa. We continue to provide care for all patients who need it, and are prepared to provide care for those who may become infected with COVID-19.

At the time of this update, 7pm, March 26 2020, we can report the following:

1.) Number of samples sent for COVID-19 testing: 25
2.) Number of samples tested positive: ZERO
3.) Number of samples tested negative: 16
4.) Number of outstanding tests: 9 (4 samples have been sent to NZ on 24/03 and 5 samples are awaiting transport)

These tests were done for people with fever and flu-like symptoms with a recent travel in the past 14 days overseas, reported through active surveillance. We are undertaking active surveillance to detect cases of COVID-19 in Samoa early. We will update the public regularly on the number of people meeting the criteria for COVID-19 testing and their test results.

We encourage all persons who have travelled or transited through countries affected by COVID-19 to monitor themselves for the development of fever, cough and shortness of breath. If you have any of these symptoms please contact the Ministry of Health COVID-19 call centre or a doctor for advice.

Additionally, please self-isolate at home. That is to stay in a separate room from family members and use separate eating and drinking utensils.

The Ministry of Health is taking full precautions and preventive measures, to control the transmission of COVID-19, including preparing the health system to treat and care for our patients. The public also needs to do its part to protect Samoa:

1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and clean water or alcohol-based hand rub (Sanitizer).
2. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and throw it into a bin and wash your hands after.
3. Wear a mask only if you are a sick patient in the hospital, or a healthcare professional working directly with a patient.
4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

5. Call a healthcare provider if you feel sick for medical advice
6. Avoid unnecessary travel
7. Avoid mass gatherings and keep a distance of 1 meter from people with flu-like symptoms (SOCIAL DISTANCING).
8. Clean frequently touched surfaces (i.e. door knobs, counters, phones).
9. Avoid UNNECESSARY visits to hospital, limit family visits to hospital to 1 person, and keep children under age 19 away from hospital
10. Smoking is a risk factor for COVID-19 transmission and complications.

The public are asked to use the TOLL FREE: 800-6440 for more information or if you experience any of the symptoms.

Maina Vai