New Political Party Launches in Samoa


11 September 2019 Apia Samoa. A new political party, the Samoa National Democratic Party SNDP Toefuataiina was launched today at the Tuutuuileloloto Hall.

Party member Vui Masina said the new party has over 20 registered candidates but did not name them.

“This is not a day of naming candidates. It is a day of thanksgiving to give thanks to God for making this all possible”, said Vui Masina.

Vui told the media in an interview that from living overseas for over 30 years, and coming to Samoa to participate and support candidates of elections since 1982, he has observed the need for a strong opposition party.

He said he will never forget the forefathers that have passed on and their passion for elections, adding that his village had wanted him to run in 1996 but he did not feel that was the right time.

Vui Masina – his village wanted him to run in 1996

He said that firstly it was crucial for a strong political party to stand up and be an opposition to the government and secondly it was good to give the people an option for another party to lead the government  of Samoa.

The Samoa Prime Minister attended the launch and spoke to congratulate the new party. He said this party may produce leaders of the future in Samoa.

“Aua o ai ma iloa pe alu alu ae maua mai i lenei vaega faaupufai se taitai o le atunuu ma ni minisita i le lumanai,”

The Prime Minister acknowledged that running political parties had its struggles and handed over a  monetary gift of $2000 tala from HRPP to the SNDP Toefuataiina.

“E le o se tulaga e faigofie, ma o le tatou atunuu foi e atamamai tele i mataupu tau polokiki”, said Tuilaepa.

Led by Asiata Valasi Aulavemai Tafito Togamaga, the new party is a relaunch of the original SNDP led by former Head of State Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Efi.

There were less than 50 people present at the launch

“Hence that is how we get the name, of SNDP Toefuataiina (Revived)”.

The leaders of the new party say that the issue of leasing customary lands will be high on their agenda, and part of the key reasons they have formed a new political party.

Other members of HRPP present were Minsiter of Communication and Information Technology Afamasaga Rico Tupai and Namulauulu Sami Leota.

HRPP gave a donation of $2000 tala.

Maina Vai