New Matais for Puipaa Village


22 January 2019, Apia Samoa. Four chiefly titles, five orator titles and more than 50 other matai titles were bestowed at the “Malae o Vaitoga” in Puipa’a last weekend.

The bestowal saw 3 new “Tagaloa” title holders, and 5 new “Pagamalie” tulafale titles being conferred upon members of the Ulu family.

High Chief of the family, Ulu Bismark Crawley told Samoa Global News that the new title holders were necessary because there was a need to increase the family’s leadership.

“The family needed people to lead and care for the family so agreed that it was time to have more people to look after our family because it is growing,” he said.

“The new title holders who have come from different parts of the world – they will be able to take up this honour wherever they go whether it’s here in Samoa or overseas.

“Now it’s all done, so we will be parting ways but we all know that no matter where we go or where we live – we have a faasinomaga here, their roots are here in Samoa.”

Reverend Ioane Tolai of the Puipaa Methodist Church blessed the new holders.  The faifeau reminded the new title holders that they have been chosen by their family to lead with love and honesty.

The vaimatai 50+ vaimatai titles were Faaofonuu, Lāsei, Leuo, Timuiapaepaetele, Paepaeloa and Matuaiala.