National University of Samoa partners with Vodafone Samoa

NUS Vice Chancellor Prof Alec Ekeroma & Satish Sharma CEO Vodafone

Vodafone has announced its 3 year partnership with The National University of Samoa today the 24th of April, 2020. A move to help to deploy provisioning of a “Vodafone Student & Teacher’s SIM” to each student enrolled at NUS and Staff Faculty members for the purposes of free and/or discounted data access to an agreed list of educational websites, and additional bonus credits as provided for on a day to day basis. This is an initiative to help students continue learning despite COVID-19 disruptions in education.

The partnership will also enable operation of Wifi Access Services located throughout the NUS campuses for the purposes of independent access to broadband internet for staff and faculty of the University.  Such service is to operate on a best cost basis to the users to encourage educational research and study outside of any services provided directly by NUS.

The 3-year partnership will provide the students of Samoa with both the digital education and critical hands-on training they will need to succeed in a digital future. Our aim is to encourage eLearning and flexible learning activities by providing FREE access to a list of approved educational portals.

“On behalf of the council, management, students and staff of NUS we would like to thank Vodafone Samoa for partnering with us to extend to us the benefits as outlined. With the state of emergency this kind of partnership is very much welcomed as our students are now learning from home. We have uploaded all our courses online as we can’t teach them face to face, therefore the importance of hosting all our courses online and for students to dial in using the Vodafone Student & Teacher Sim Cards, zero data access on websites is extremely helpful. Thank you once again Vodafone Samoa” Says Vice Chancellor

With this partnership, Vodafone intends to add value to the lives to the students, provide monetary benefits in terms of scholarships entails the help towards the students of NUS with an annual scholarship program enabling them to excel in their field of studies. The partnership also provides internships including organized short term assignments at Vodafone Samoa to help develop professional developments. This partnership stamps commitment towards society. This also set the tone of new way of learning. Vodafone has always been ahead in these initiatives.

“Vodafone is a firm believer in empowering future generations to be the best they aspire to be. With this new partnership we’re optimistic about the future and excited to see NUS students excel even further.I urge all student and parents to visit our stores and grab a free student sim if you not got till now. In case some of you are stuck up due to network locked handset, then don’t worry, we have done arrangement for you to avail very special exchange offer or finance option. So pls do not let any child be deprived off due to this challenge. As shared, we are committed towards society and our students are our future. Hence count on us, we will be there when you need us more. The future is exciting. Ready?” Says Vodafone’s CEO Satish Sharma.

If you are a NUS student, speak to your lecturer or any Faculty Staff about obtaining a free student benefit. Or visit any Vodafone Retail Store to pick up your FREE student sim.