National Renewable Energy Day 2020


Theme: Biomass Resources for Clean Energy Production”

Samoa is at the forefront of climate change and sea level rise. Our Islands and communities are susceptible to extreme weather events and coastal erosion. The frequency of tropical cyclones and temperature increase has affected Samoa economically, socially and environmentally. The Government and international organizations continue to invest in adaptation programs and projects for communities and vulnerable groups to strengthen their resilience to reduce risk from these natural processes.

Thus, adaptation measures have been implemented with the integration of on-going efforts from global organizations, local government and vulnerable communities/groups through re-forestation, seawalls, relocation, strengthened awareness etc. These approaches and measures are now coupled with Samoa taking into account the global efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions mostly from its transport and electricity sectors. This focus on mitigation initiatives derives the significance of carbon sequestration and transitioning of energy generation from locally available Renewable Energy sources.

The National Renewable Energy Day is an annual event that celebrates and emphasizes the importance of sourcing clean and sustainable energy to generate electricity, gas for cooking and clean fuels for transportation. This year’s national theme is: “Biomass Resources for Clean Energy Production”, reflects and emphasizes the importance of integration of renewable energy projects and communities’ commitment to Samoa’s energy transition from a fossil fueled economy into a green economy.

For this year’s program and due to COVID-19 Restrictions, we have limited our program to avoid public gatherings; and had focused on administering a Triathlon Race which allows us to promote Sustainable Alternatives to transportation. Followed by the official launching of the Afolau 750kW Biomass Gasification Plant.

Triathlon Race 2020

The Ministry has selected a total of eight (8) Ministries and Corporations to participate in the Triathlon Race 2020. The Triathlon will is comprised of: Running, Cycling and Wheelbarrow. The aim of this activity is to raise awareness of the importance of traditional mobility and sustainable transportation methods in reducing GHG emissions. To remind the participants and all of Samoa that traditional transportation is fun, it is a good form of exercise and free of cost rather than relying on vehicles that is costly with the fluctuation of petrol prices. The route for the race will start from/and finish at Malaefatu Park. Refer to the attached map. Prizes will be awarded to the all teams.


Afolau 750kW Biomass Gasification Plant

At last, Afolau Biomass Gasification will be the first Plant in Samoa with the aim to produce electricity to help contribute to power for the people of Samoa. This Plant was put together by an Indian company together with the help of our local companies for less than 5 years and it is powered by the IMPRESS Project made possible with the help of its relevant donors and sponsors such as GEF and UNDP. The commemoration of this project will be on the 13th November 2020. This official opening will allow all stakeholders, representatives from each integrated Ministries, SOEs and Organizations to visit the site and be part of this big day.

The Ministry will not be able to conduct such event without the support of our partners in the Energy Sector;

Ministry of Finance

  • Scientific Research Organization of Samoa
  • Electric Power Cooperation
  • Samoa Trust Estate Corporation
  • Land Transport Authority


Ministry of Customs and Revenue

  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries


Attorney General’s Office


Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure

  • Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development Samoa Trust Estate