My Hope Is In You, Abba Father


Everyday in His Presence by Charles F Stanley.

The Father has given us the powerful gift of choice  – the ability to select the direction of our lives.

In fact everyday you’ll face a continuous series of options. Some that honor the Lord and others that don’t.

Some that lead to his abundant life and others that divert you away from it to destruction.

One of the most powerful life changing decisions you can make is to invite God to guide you – trusting that everything He allows in your life is for the purpose of building your character and bringing you into his freedom.

Friend. God’s plan for you is unquestionably the best. The question is, will you allow him to direct you?

If so, pray: Lord change me and work through me in any way you please. I believe that you will form your character in me, shape me into Your likeness through my circumstances, and lead me to life at its best. Thank you dear Jesus. Amen.

Lord thank you for replacing my misery with Your joy, my fears with faith, my weaknesses with Your strength, and my selfish ways with grateful devotion to You. Amen.