Tupai Makes Way for Woman MP, Withdraws Petition Against Anarosa


15 July 2021 Mulinuu Apia Samoa. Mulipola Anarosa Ale Molioo has secured the Palauli No.1 seat after Tupai Avala Savaiinaea withdrew his petition on Wednesday morning.

Speaking to the media outside court Tupai said he gives the opportunity to Mulipola, his sister within the constituency.

“She is a sister to me and I wish her well, to serve our constituency of Palauli 1 with love and honesty,” Tupai said.

“We are one, e taaalo lava, ae o lo’u tuafafine,” he added.

Mulipola thanked Tupai for withdrawing his petition and assured him she would be giving her all to seek a better future for their constituency.

“I have been doing some projects in my constituency for the last three years, so I ran in the general election knowing what is expected and, and prepared for the work that it requires,” Mulipola said.

“I take my hat off to Tupai and also to his family for this decision he has made,” she added.

As one of the founding members of the FAST Party, Mulipola said rumours that she had approached HRPP to switch allegiance is just not true.

“I am a committed and loyal member of FAST and I would never betray them by making such move,” she said.

So far just two elected MPs have had their seats declared void by the Courts. Seiuli Ueligitone Seiuli was petitioned by Maualaivao Pat Ah Him and lost his seat, and Fiugalu Eteuati Eteuati who was petitioned by Tafua Maluelue Tafua. Both petitioners were once senior members of HRPP.

Other seats looking to host by-elections are those whereby withdrawals have been made before the Courts, however, out-of-court negotiations have led to agreements that the elected MP must resign. In some cases elected MPs are able to run the by-election while in others, elected MPs are asked not to compete again.

Marieta H Ilalio