Mt Vaea Trail Closed due to Visitors Not Adhering to Rules


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment have announced the temporary closure of the Mt Vaea Scenic Reserve trail to the Robert Louis Stevenson gravesite at Vailima.

The climb is a popular exercise trail for families and those looking to keep fit during the lockdown period but the Ministry says some have not complied with the rules.

“We have been facing difficulties with visitors adhering to restrictions of gatherings and social distancing;

“On that regard, the Ministry once again wishes to inform the general public in particular those who are using the trail for recreational activity uphill to the Robert Louis Stevenson’s tomb, that the Mt. Vaea scenic reserve trail is now CLOSED temporarily starting Monday 20th April 2020 until further notice”.

Not all visitors disregard the physical distancing restrictions, and the Ministry apologised to those who have been keeping the rules.

“We apologize for any inconvenience especially for those who are regular visitors and are keen to comply”.

For more information, please contact the Ministry on telephone 67200/28680 from 9am to 3pm

Ulu Bismarck Crawley

Disaster Management Office – Samoa | Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Samoa