MP Ale Vena Ale Leads Samoa Delegation to Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference


Translated from #FaaSamoa. Apia, Samoa. Human Rights Protection Party MP for Faleata 4, afioga Ale Vena Ale, will be leading Samoa’s delegation to the 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, to be held this week in Canada.

Speaking to Samoa Global News, Speaker of the House Hon Papalii Lio Taeu Masipau, said Ale Vena Ale will be joined by FAST MP for Lefaga ma Faleaseela, afioga Masinalupe Makesi Masinalupe, and Faagasealii Sapoa Feagiai of Aleipata-Itupa-i-Lalo.

Papalii said the Commonwealth Parliamentary conference will be hosting a series of meetings over the coming week, and because he was not feeling 100%, he made the decision to stay behind and focus on this week’s Parliamentary session while the Member of Parliament for Faleata 4 has been selected to lead the delegation of MPs.

“The selection of Members of Parliament to represent Samoa’s Legislative Assembly to international conferences is the mandate of the Speaker,” said Papalii, “and Samoa will be well represented by the three MPs, who can deliver Samoa’s positions on the various issues to be discussed.”

One of the largest annual gatherings of Commonwealth Parliamentarians will be hosted by  ver 500 Parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and decision makers from across the Commonwealth will gather for the conference hosted by the CPA (Commonwealth Parliamentary Association) Canada Region.

During the 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, there will also be a number of additional conferences and meetings including: 38th CPA Small Branches Conference; 7th triennial Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Conference; 65th CPA General Assembly; meetings of the CPA Executive Committee and the Commonwealth
Parliamentarians with Disabilities (CPwD); and the Society of Clerks at the Table (SOCATT) meetings.

This year, the conference will also elect the Chairperson of the CPA Executive Committee; the Chairperson of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians; the Chairperson of the CPA Small Branches; and the CPA Treasurer for new terms of office.

Speaker of the House said important issues such as impacts on the environment, poverty alleviation, and various issues impacting Commonwealth States.

“It is important for Samoa’s Parliament to have its voice heard in the Commonwealth Parliamentary forums.”