Mothers of Child Vendors are Trained while their Children are Put Back into Classrooms


The mothers of the children who used to sell goods on the streets as child vendors, have begun a livelihood skills training with the Samoa Victim Support Group.

The training builds on empowering women to be resourceful and productive, learning new skills to allieviate poverty, reduce domestic violence and in the process, contribute to the economy through their income generating activities, states SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang. 

The Program replicates the Nofotane initiative, an economic empowerment program rolled out by SVSG since 2016, as a preventative approach to addressing gender inequality.

The training started with making sei accessories from rubber materials. 

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“The trainer is one of the stars born from the empowered Nofotane Program,” said Siliniu.

“From designing the petals to cutting, to coloring to creating different beautiful flowers, the learning process is just the beginning of the empowerment journey for these unemployed women..

“And while these mothers are going through a transformation process themselves, their children have been removed from vendoring on the streets, and placed back into classrooms where they rightly belong,” said the SVSG President.  

“Removing the child vendors from the streets while supporting their parents with positive discipline parenting and livelihood skills building, are part of the activities implemented by SVSG through the financing assistance from the government, to eliminate violence against women and girls.”

“And as the Project rounds up for completion at the end of the year, SVSG is appreciative of the meaningful changes being made in the lives of the targeted beneficiaries, through the Men and Boys Against Violence Program” added Siliniu.