Mother Shares Her Struggle


Flora Ieremia is a mother of 4, living with her husband in a house that belongs to her sister-in-law.

the look of Flora's home
the look of Flora’s home

All she wants for this Christmas is for her family, especially her children to have a happy and healthy life.

Speaking to Samoa Global News, Flora shared her struggle of having to live without water.

They moved to her husband’s family at Alamagoto over two years ago and they have not been able to afford access to running water.

“We had to pay a certain amount of money before we could have our own running water,” she said.

“Even the house that we are living in doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to my sister-in-law but she moved out so we are using it for the time being.”

Flora uses an old rusty fridge to store water that she uses to do their washing while she ‘borrows’ water from her neighbour.

“But we fetch water from one of our neighbours for drinking and also for bathing,” she said.

“But we have to pay for that.. I told the family to please bear with me fetching water from them, until I find a way to give them money because their water is metered too.

“If it were just me and my husband I wouldn’t worry but we have four children and it has been difficult.

“They are the only reason why I fetch water because I don’t want them to get sick.”

Ms. Ieremia said all she wants for Christmas is for her family to have running water and a stable home.

“This Christmas would be a good one if we are able to have running water,” she said.

An empty fridge used to store water for their washing
An empty fridge used to store water for their washing

“My children need to have clean water so they can use every day.

“Life is really difficult without water so I hope someone out there will be able to grant this wish of ours.”

If you are willing to help Flora please contact her on 7208199.