Mother Charged with Manslaughter Changes Plea to Guilty


A mother charged for causing the death of her one year old daughter in May 2019 has pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing set for next month.

Pregnant at the time of the incident, the defendant had originally pleaded not guilty through defense counsel Masoe Charlie Vaai. The Court had set this week for the hearing to begin, however, the mother of three other children, today changed her plea before Justice Vui Clarence Nelson.

The woman has been granted name suppression though it is not clear as to the basis for this decision by the Courts.

According to a source close to the family, the toddler was the youngest of three children at the time. On the day before the tragic incident, her mother had hit her on the head with a broomstick.

“O le aso na sosoo ai, sa toe tagi ai foi si mea lea ma ua tago atu loa lona tina ma toe sasa, ma ta le ulu i le ‘au o le salu;

“O le mea ua tupu ua tilotilo atu ua le migoi le teineititi, ua na o le sioa. O lea sa ia faanatinati atu ai loa i le falemai ae peita’i e lei au si mea i le falemai, na malaia lava i luga o le ala.”

Bail conditions had prohibited the defendant from seeing her other three children.

Marieta H Ilalio