More than 30 F &V Small Holder and Semi-commercial Farmers were Trained by SCATAP Leader


More than 30 F & V small holder and semi-commercial farmers were trained by SCATAP technical experts Dr. Jim Liu the project team leader. The training was focused on fruits and vegetables whereas some development such as poultry farm was also promoted.

The SCATAP team leader support this SAFPROM funded training to share knowledge and experience in order to improve and increase production of fruits and vegetables as he was strongly encouraged farmers whom attended the workshop.

The aims of the training was to teach farmers who are funded by SAFPROM under the F & V on productions management of vegetables and fruit trees as well as IPM and Safeguards principles.

The SCATAP has been implemented for 12 consecutive years since 2010 and has employed a total of 40 agricultural experts from China in Samoa. The project has established 1 demonstration farm at Nu’u, facilitated 9 agricultural stations and developed 100 model farmers. It promoted 9 agricultural technology packages, including new crop varieties, tunnel house vegetable cultivation, free range broiler production, crops-livestock-biogas recycling technology, high yield citrus production and agricultural machineries. SCATAP has provided 200 tunnel houses, 100 machineries and agricultural training for more than 10,000 farmers and technicians in Samoa.

H.E. Chao Xiaoliang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Samoa, stated in his remarks during the Hand over ceremony of the  SCATAP to Samoa on the 8th Dec 2022,  that the SCATAP Demonstration farm in Samoa is the largest comprehensive farm through the Chinese Aid in the Pacific.

He also stated that the main objective of the SCATAP Demonstration Farm is to enhance the local agricultural production, improve food security and increase farmers income for the people of Samoa.