Mobile Clinics Target Families in Isolated Areas


There are 32 Mobile Clinics targeting isolated and hard to get to families across Samoa. The teams did not rest on Sunday and were on the road going from home to home to administer measles vaccination doses.

There are 18 Mobile Clinics operating in Upolu and 14 in Savaii not including Fixed Sites and Special Booths strategically deployed for easy access by the public.

Mobile Vaccinators worked through the weekend.

Since the Mass Vaccination Campaign began on 29 November the Ministry reports 57,132 people have been vaccinated. A total of 32,743 are recorded to have been administered before the campaign bringing the total to 89,895 or less than half the population.

With almost 200 new cases of infections recorded daily, the Ministry of Health says, “the epidemic is yet to reach the critical inflection point at which the disease stops spreading.”

Mobile Clinics going from home to home.

The public are able to free call 997 to reach the National Emergemcy Operations Centre (NEOC) for general inquiries and 999 for the Call Centre that will help with information about vaccinations.