Mobile 5G Signal Broadcast and Commercial Test


    Pago Pago, American Samoa (April 17, 2023) 11:30 AM, Where the road ends, 5G begins!

    On Saturuday, April 15, beginning in the village of Poloa, ASTCA again makes history in the Emerging Island Nations of Polynesia. ASTCA HomeTeam has become the first telecom company in the Samoan archipelago and nearby Island nations to broadcast a 5G umbrella service over its commercial network.

    “First revealed during our retail store’s facelift dedication ceremony in October 2022, the leadership team of your “New ASTCA” began American Samoa’s first 5G network in early 2022.”

    “Designed to deliver more speed, more network capacity, and lower latency, 5G will empower our economy with more opportunities.”

    Beginning in Poloa with the installation of 5G radio equipment,your technical team has been building the physical infrastructure and slotting network servers throughout the year. Today, Saturday, April 15th, 2023, we turn it on, marking ASTCA and American Samoa’s first 5G commercial experience.

    As recent innovations before it, from Hawaiki and the Territory’s first High Definition Television (HDTV) Service, the ASTCA #HomeTeam continues its mission of putting people first and serving as a catalyst for economic development in the territory, closing the technology gap between American Samoa and the United States.

    The leadership team of today’s ASTCA, under CEO Chuck Leota, is hyper-focused on improving outcomes for all American Samoans and residents of the Territory.

    “Our goal is not just to keep American Samoa relevant in the new digital economy. Today’s ASTCA does not want to build infrastructure so our people just survive … instead, we want our people to thrive and fully participate in the new global digital economy.”

    ASTCA wants to ensure digital equity for our people by having maximum coverage and affordability… and ensure everyone has access to online information, has the tools for education, healthcare, and can make a living … without having to leave American Samoa. As your #HomeTeam, we want nobody left behind.”

    With the success of our commercial 5G test and signal broadcasting, ASTCA will now move towards commercially launching 5G service to its subscribers, gradually activating the service around the island. Follow us on our 5G journey to a tower near you!

    Welcome to your New ASTCA. Welcome Back Home.