Ieli Niulesa of MNRE Collects Rubbish on the RLS Track


Ieli Niulesa is a father of 3 who works for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Every weekend he climbs the hike to the Robert Louis Stevenson grave site but unlike other hikers who come to enjoy the view and get their work-out on, Niulesa climbs to collect the rubbish that other trackers leave behind.

The dedicated MNRE worker says that he does this twice a week, mostly on the weekends. He says that although it is part of his job, he sees it as an important service to the people and the environment.

“I always fill 2 big rubbish bags everytime I go up. Sometimes more. People leave a lot of plastic bottles along the track.”

Niulesa’s role  is a great example for his son Anzac, who often accompanies his father on this weekly crusade that is often unnoticed by the many who use the track each week.

The hike to the grave site of the Scottish author is a popular pass time for most who use it as a form of exercise. The staff of MNRE maintain the track and have built many wooden block stairs for the convenience of the public who are able to access it for free.