Miss Pacific Islands Contestants Tour Taula Beverages Samoa Factory


Taula Beverages Samoa is the official Beverage Sponsors for this year’s Miss Pacific Islands pageant 2023 and this week, the contestants were taken through a tour of the factory.

“We are honored to have hosted the beautiful contestants of the Miss Pacific Island pageant at our Taula factory at Falelauniu,” said Taula Beverages Samoa General Manager Enele Westerlund.

The five contestants were taken on a full factory tour, while the brewmaster explained the process and natural ingredients that goes into freshly brewed Taula products.

The Miss Pacific Islands contestants at Taula Beverages Samoa factory, Falelauniu.

“The young ladies were able to observe where the magic begins🍻🍻”

Samoa is the home of Taula Beverages and Taxi products. As a company, Taula Beverages supports Samoa through sponsorships of sports clubs and NGOs, from the grassroots to national events and international representations such as the Miss Pacific Islands pageant.

Taula Beverages Samoa’s General Manager and staff convey their very best wishes to all the beautiful contestants from across the Pacific as they prepare for tomorrow night’s pageant.