Miracles are Extraordinary Events that Caannot be Explained – Watch out for Whisperers

Image: Congress WBN

Happy Friday Saints.

Yesterday, we looked at the importance of who and what you listen to.

We saw that the “EVIL REPORT” that the ten spies gave to the children of Israel, caused many to weep and cry all night in unbelief.

The Hebrew word translated “EVIL REPORT” in Numbers 13:32 is ‘dibahh.’ It means ‘whispering; bad report; slander.’

Evil reports aren’t always shouted from the rooftops. They are sometimes whispered softly to you.

Very often, in an atmosphere of unshakable faith, those who are doubting don’t want to seem uncertain to those who are trusting the Lord. So instead of being forward and upfront about their doubts, they quietly whisper their fears to anyone who’ll give them their attention.

Watch out for the whisperers. They try to come across as rational and reasonable but there’s nothing rational or reasonable about a miracle.

Miracles are extraordinary events that CANNOT BE EXPLAINED.

You can’t explain how God makes the impossible possible. So as reasonable as some whisperers sound – their EVIL REPORTS are robbing many out of seeing God perform miracles in their lives.

Surround yourself with faith thinkers, faith talkers and faith walkers. Their Bible-based reports will feed your faith and help you trust the Lord who always keeps His Promises.

God bless and have a great weekend. Lots’a love,

Image: Congress WBN

Pastor Warren Retzlaff