Ministry Telephone Lines Temporarily Disconnected, Acting CEO Denies Unpaid Bills


The public were unable to contact the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development’s landlines until about 3pm this afternoon, when connections were again restored.

Attempts this morning by Samoa Global News to call the Ministry’s landline Ph: 27752 and 27753 were unsuccessful, but the public could still get through on the Digicel line: 8427752

When an SGN reporter visited the Ministry’s offices at Savalalo, she was told that Assistant CEO Aitu Ah Sam-Meredith was the person to speak to. However, Aitu was not at the office, because she was at Vodafone Samoa trying to negotiate the reconnection of the Ministry’s landlines.

“E sao o lea e iai le mataupu i le tipiina o telefoni mai le Vodafone. O le taimi nei o loo iai Aitu i o i le ofisa o le Vodafone e aioi mo se isi avanoa e toe tuu mai, ae sei togitogi”.

When contacted on the Ministry’s Digicel number, 84-27752, Acting Chief Executive Officer Fitiao Dr Susan Faoagali said MWCSD was currently negotiating with the Ministry of Finance on how to pay off their telephone bills through a monthly arrangement.

Asked how much the arrears were given a source that said Vodafone was owed over $14,000 tala – Fitiao said “it’s not that much.”  Asked what the average monthly telephone bills were for MWCSD, Fitiao said she could not say, but would check with the Finance division.

However, when Fitiao responded by email, she denied any issues with unpaid bills and said the disconnections were due to technical difficulties.

“Our phone lines have not been disconnected, yesterday (Wednesday 25 August) 27752 & 53 had technical difficulties during the day however were restored by about 3pm. I understand that we do not have an outstanding phone bill,” Fitiao stated in an email.

Fitiao also listed all their telephone lines both Vodafone and Digicel:

Main office – 8427752, 27752, 27753

Minister’s office – 20854, 23140

Printing – 8421355, 21356

Savaii – 51341, 8427752 extensions 1500,1501,1502,1503,1504
Corporate – 8429776
Economic Development – 8421997
Policy Planning – 8421032
Governance – 8426602
Social Development – 8426057

Marieta H Ilalio