Samoa Ministry of Health Identifies Areas with Highest Attack Rates of Covid-19


Wednesday 6 April 2022 Apia Samoa. The Ministry of Health’s daily update for covid cases issued on Tuesday afternoon stated Samoa had an overall attack rate of 10.7%. The overall attack rate is the total number of new cases divided by the total population.

The Ministry has also identified Faleata 4 and Vaimauga 4 as the two areas with the highest attack rates.

Reads the MOH covid-update report, “The areas with the highest attack rates have been identified as Faleata 4 and Vaimauga 4, reporting the highest number of cases per 1,000 population”.

The Vaimauga 4 consitutency is listed as including the villages of Leufisa, Motootua, Malifa, Leififi, Apia, Lalovaea, Lalovaea East, Aai Niue, Maluafou, Matafele, Vaimea, Palisi, Tamaligi, Tauese, Tufuiopa, Mulinu’u, Fugalei, Savalalo, Saleufi, Sogi, Taufusi, Togafuafua, Aai o Fiti, Alamagoto, Mulivae, Tuloto.

The Faleata 4 includes the villages of Saina, Puipaa and Toamua.

Samoa’s first community case was detected on 17th March 2022, when a woman intending to travel overseas tested positive during routine pre-departure testing. It is the first time since the outbreak that a report has stated which areas of Upolu are the worst hit.

The report does not offer any other information or attack rates of any other areas.

The Ministry recorded Samoa’s 3rd covid-related death yesterday, and there are now 3 patients reported to be in critical condition at the Motootua Hospital ICU.

An additional 275 cases reported in the most recent update takes Samoa’s community cases since the outbreak to 2,977.

Compared to the previous report, Savaii has increased from 77 to 118 cases.

It is reported that 1,583 cases are active. The Ministry does not specific the number of cases recovered in its latest report, however, the numbers would suggest that 1,391 people have recovered from covid-19. (2977 – 1583 – 3 = 1,391).