Ministry of Customs and Revenue welcomes Deputy Prime Minister & Associate Minister

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of MCR, Honorable. Tuala Tevaga Ponifasio, Associate Minister, Afioga Masinalupe Makesi Masinalupe with the Management Team of the Ministry of Customs & Revenue..



The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister also the Minister of Customs and Revenue, Afioga Tuala Tevaga Ponifasio and his Associate Minister, Afioga Masinalupe Makesi Masinalupe were greeted by the Ministry of Customs and Revenue (MCR) at a special ceremony held on Friday, 6th of August, 2021. 

Staff of the Ministry of Customs and Revenue with his Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and Associate Minister of the Ministry.

Deputy Prime Minister Tuala in his keynote address acknowledged the Ministry’s work and commended their collective efforts to meet the Ministry’s targets through revenue collection despite the economic environment.

MCR also plays a lead role in trade facilitation and the ongoing work to ensure border security for Samoa.

Tuala acknowledged the Ministry’s contribution to Samoa’s current SDS vision of a sustainable economy and quality of life for our people.

The incoming Minister for Revenue and Customs assured the team that he would continue in his capacity as their Minister to assist MCR in meeting its strategic goals for the development of Samoa.

CEO Matafeo Avalisa Viali Fautua’alii on behalf of MCR Management and Staff expressed their gratitude, welcoming their new Minister and Associate Minister. Matafeo said the Ministry looks forward to working with their new ministerial leadership team, and their guidance towards the Ministry’s efforts to achieve government’s set goals and targets in the coming years.