Mother says MESC ‘Learn Green Live Green’ School Comp Enhanced Student Learning

"You can see their talents coming through and this is a great way to develop their learning skills outside the classroom,"


A mother has complimented an initiative by the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture to enhance learning in Literacy, Numeracy and Science.

A school zones competition held in seven school districts across Samoa was themed “Learn Green, Live Green” as an innovative way for students to enhance their learning skills and bring their learning to life through performances.

Students performed the theme: Learn Green Live Hreen. Photo: MESC.

A mother from Tufulele, Merita Faimalo Samuelu who had attended to support her children performing for George Brown Primary School at the Faleata and Sagaga districts told Samoa Global News she was impressed with the program and has seen first hand the excitement in the children to learn.

“You can see their talents coming through and this is a great way to develop their learning skills outside the classroom,”

“I have been listening to them share their thoughts and understanding of the topic especially the links to protecting the environment with the chosen theme of this year..and it has been so impressive,” said Mrs Samuelu

Merita Samuelu with her children from George Brown Primary School.

“Thank you to the Ministry of Education, the teachers and all whove made this possible. The children have developed their minds and I can see the different thoughts and opinions they have about the importance of our beauty green surroundings here in Samoa.

“Green symbolises life and humanity in our community..

“Manaia tele lenei theme o le Learn Green Live Green. Faamalo lava i le Matagaluega o Aoga”.

Photo: MESC

The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture held the initiative as a school competition, held across 7 zones to cover all of Samoa.

Children showcased their talents and understanding of the topic through skits, dances, songs and performances with parents able to attend and witness.

A team from the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture travelled across Samoa to coordinate the competition, held each year, on different themes set by the Ministry.

Members of the Ministry team including judges. Photo: MESC.

Zone 1- Held at Lotofaga Primary School and included Anoamaa 2 and Lepa/Lotofaga and Aleipata school districts.

Zone 2 – Held at Sataoa Primary School and included Falealili and Lefaga/Safata school districts.

Zone 3 – Held at Faleata College and included Faleata and Sagaga school districts.

Zone 4 – Held at Leififi College and included Vaimauga West and Anoamaa/Vaimauga east school districts.

Zone 5 – Held at Faleasiu Primary School for Aana 1 and Aana 2 school districts.

Zone 6 – Held at Palauli College for the Itu Asau 1 Itu Asau 2 as well as Savaii Sisifo and Palauli school districts.

Zone 7 – Held at Puapua Primary school to include Itu o Tane 1, Itu o Tane 2 and Faasaleleaga 1.