MESC Annual Assessment of Primary School Students Underway


National assessments to gauge nuneracy and literacy levels in primary schools kick start today Thursday 14th October 2021 with the SPELL Year 2 Numeracy Test.

SPELL is the Samoa Primary Education Literacy Level assessment that is conducted for students of Years 2, 4 and 6 every year. The older Year 8 students will be given a slightly different assessment, that used to be called SPECA – the Samoa Primary Education Certification of Achievement, however, this year the Ministry has changed its name to SNAPE – Samoa National Assessments of Primary Education.

In a broadcasted interview with the Ministry of Education Assistant CEO for Assesement, Funealii Lumaava Sooaemalelagi, she explained for the information of parents that students are being assessed and not examined.

“The assessment allows us to identify gaps and be able to address them at an early stage,” says Funealii.

MESC ACEO Assessments Funealii Lumaava Sooaemalelagi.

“It is too late at high school level to address gaps in student learning. The over-arching goal for the SPELL assessment approach, is for students to be fully prepared by the time they are in Years 12 and 13, so that they will have the appropriate levels of knowledge and understanding of these key learning areas, to excell and achieve,” Funealii explains.

“These annual assessments aim to reflect student knowledge and understanding of the curriculum at primary level”.

Asked by broadcast host Taioaliiseu Taimalelagi Saunia Fiti about how students should be preparing for the assessments being held over the coming week, Funelii said  parents could help by simply ensuring children get a nutritious breakfast in the morning, and come to assessments well prepared mentally.

Host: Taioaliiseu Taimalelagi Saunia Fiti. Panelists: Funealii Lumaava Sooaemalelagi and Taase Tavita.

“A good healthy breakfast of Samoan food, avoiding takeaways and junk food, and to prepare the children mentally so they are relaxed”.

The assessments are conducted throughout Upolu and Savaii between Thursday 14 October until next Friday 22 October 2021.