MCIL Warns Shop Owners Not to Sell Goods Above Price Order Ceilings


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour (MCIL) has sent out a warning to all traders selling goods, advising them not to sell above the maximum prices set out by Price Order because of the shortage of the supply of goods.

The public notice issued by the MCIL on Tuesday afternoon states that the Ministry has received a number of complaints from the public of the sudden increase in prices of goods controlled by Current Price Order approved under the State of Emergency Order issued under the Constitution of Samoa.

“Non-compliance with this Order is a breach of the Emergency Order 51 issued under the Constitution of Samoa”, reads the MCIL public notice.

The Ministry has called on customers to report any such sale of goods that are made above the maximum prices, and to accompany complaints with receipts or proof of sales.

Currently there is a shortage of rice in Samoa and customers have posted on social media about excessive prices being charged.

When Samoa Global News contacted local stores and wholesale chains, rice was available today at Lynns Store at Motootua, Farmer Joe’s and Lucky Foodtown. Frankie state they are out of rice at this time.