MCIL Announces Cancellation of Public Holidays for General Elections

Voters lined up in Lepea on Friday 9th April 2021 during General Elections. 📷 Jaleen Tupai, SGN.

The Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL) has issued a notice to cancel the two public holidays which had been scheduled for general elections.

Issued at 4:15pm this afternoon, MCIL refers to a public notice from the Office of the Electoral Commissioner.

Contacted for a copy of the notice, the OEC said Vaasiliega Iupati Lagaaia was responsible for distributing the notice to the media.

The Public Notice from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour was emailed to all media through the Press Secretariat and also published on social media pages for the information of the public.

“The public, business communities and shop owners, employers and workers are hereby advised that according to the public notice from the Office of the Electoral Commissioner to revoke the general election for 21st May 2021, public holidays scheduled for Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of May 2021 are now cancelled”.

Marieta H Ilalio