May 2023: Petrol Up Slightly while Diesel and Kerosene Drop


Petrol will increase slightly by 1.4 sene from $3.26 to $3.27 while both diesel and kerosene prices have dropped by 25.9 and 27.5 sene respectively.

Diesel drops from $3.56 to $3.30 while kerosene drops back to below $3 per litre from $3.20 to $2.93.

The announcement was made by Hon Fiame Naomi Mata’afa as the Acting Minister of Finance.

The new retail petroleum prices will apply from today, 01st May 2023.

“Concerns about the weakening world economy are particularly impacting kerosene and diesel prices,” reads the government release.

It is anticipated that the OPEC announcement regarding production costs will make forwarding pricing higher.

Samoa’s petrol and diesel prices have been above $3 tala per litre since December 2021.

At the time, the Russian military build-up on the Ukraine border had raised concerns about the stability of supply which in turn is reflected in higher prices as buyers lock in future supplies.

A look at historical fuel prices published by the Ministry of Finance shows the last time diesel was above $3 tala per litre was in November 2018 while the last time petrol was above $3 tala per litre was in November 2014.

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