Matai Visit HRPP Headquarters to Acknowledge 40 Years of Service


Tuesday 27 July 2021, Apia Samoa. A group of just over 20 matai and taulelea from two electoral constituencies of Savaii, Faasaleleaga 1 and Faasalelega 2 including some Alii and Faipule of Salelologa, visited the Human Rights Protection Party headquarters at Petesa, Mulinuu to acknowledge the work of the past 40 years, and assure the party of their loyalty and support.

Led by one of the high chiefs of Salelologa, Seumanu Viliamu Seumanu, the visit (asiga) was to acknowledge the hard work by the HRPP leader, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi and the various Members of the HRPP who had ruled for four decades, and offer their sympathies (faamafanafanaga).

Seumanu Viliamu Seumanu. Photo: Marieta Ilalio, SGN.

“Samoa has reaped the fruits of the hard work by these leaders of Samoa. We offered our acknowledgment and sympathies to Tuilaepa and the HRPP caucus for the hard work they’ve done throughout these many years,” Seumanu told Samoa Global News.

“O le matou oo mai, o le fia ave o le matou faamalo ma le faafetai, ae le gata i lea o faamafanafanaga i le HRPP ae maise Tuilaepa e ala i nei mau tausaga na o latou taitaia mai ai le faigamalo”.

Semanu says Salelologa village is united and they are at peace with the results of the general election, and they uphold each individual’s right to support the political party of their choosing.

“There is peace and unity in our village, and we can still be HRPP supporters, 100 percent”.

“We are for HRPP because of the fruits of their love, care and hard work now shown today,” Seumanu said.

“O Salelologa e fealofani lava e leai se mea o feeseeseai ai. O nisi nei o Alii ma Faipule o Salelologa e lagolago tele i galuega lelei a le HRPP ma e le vaoia ai fua le tagata ia ma lana filifiliga i le vaega faaupufai na tusilima iai”.

Salelologa is the gateway to Savaii, and their electoral constituency of Faasaleleaga 1 now holds the Minister of Justice portfolio through their elected FAST MP, Matamua Seumanu Vasati Sili whose campaign issues were lands, titles and cultural heritage. “I believe we have to be more diligent in looking after our faasinomaga and measina,” Matamua Vasati had told SGN before the general election.

The asiga and visit to Petesa this morning, said Seumanu, is their way of showing their appreciation for the 23 years of service by Tuilaepa, and the 40 years of rule by HRPP and the developments Samoa has seen in that time.

“E tautala galuega”.

“The work speaks for itself and that is now evident in Samoa,” Seumanu reiterated.

Salelologa offered monetary gifts and “palapala malo” (food) for the HRPP caucus still camped since the April 9th general elections and in return, they received the usual cultural faaaloalo by way of pasese or fares and travel costs back to Savaii, of $4,000 tala.

“We appreciate your hard work, and assure you that we will always support the HRPP no matter what,” Seumanu told the caucus during their meeting on Tuesday morning.

Marieta H Ilalio