Masters in Medical Science Distinction for Dr Malama Tafunai


12 May 2019, Otago New Zealand. Dr Malama Tafunai has graduated with a Masters in Medical Science with Distinction from the University of Otago.

Dr Malama’s is also undertakimg a PhD research on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) that aims to compare and contrast the prevalence of CKD in Samoan people resident in New Zealand with Samoan people resident in Samoa.

“At the same time, it will look at the risk factors associated with CKD in Samoan people both in New Zealand and Samoa to try and understand any relationships between these and the development and progression of CKD;

“The prevalence of CKD in Samoan people has never been studied nor has the associated risk factors for its development been evaluated,” reads Dr Malama’s research study summary.

Speaking to Samoa Global News, Dr Malama’s younger sister who is herself also a medical doctor, Dr Letava Tafunai said that her sister is a workaholic who is dedicated to whatever God places on her plate.

“She is at the moment part of the teaching team for Pacific Health at Otago Medical School as well as with the Pacific Health paper;

“She’s also part of the research team and on the Otago Uni Pacific Curriculum committee,” Dr Letava Tafunai says affectionately of her older sister.

Dr Malama Tafunai is the daughter of WIBDI President Adi Tafunai.

Dr Malama Tafunai is the daughter of the late Atoa Dr Simi Tafunai and Women in Business Development President Adi Tafunai. She has served Samoa as a private medical practioner before assisting with the National Kidney Foundation and the Medical School of the National University of Samoa.